7 comments on “Historic San Francisco cable cars

  1. Good for you for properly referring to them as “Cable Cars” and not “Trollies” as so many tourists do.

    The F line, what’s in your photo above, is actually not a cable car. It’s called a “street car” and it’s part of the Muni Metro system. The rest of the Muni Metro trains are modern and bulky devices that often run underground, especially downtown. But the F line was actually renovated a few years back and all the street cards on that line have been donated (or possibly sold) to the city from other cities around the world. The cars were renovated and retrofitted to fit our tracks and put into service. The F line goes all the way up and down Market Street to the Castro district and then circles around in front of the Ferry Terminal at Market and Embarcadero before running along Fisherman’s Wharf. Lots of fun.

    The Cable Cars are also a lot of fun! Pretty much what you described above, I love to ride, standing up, on the portions where you are outside. You get some of the best views and, in my opinion, the most authentic experience of the city from there. The only draw back is, during the tourist season, which is most of the year, you could wait for an hour or more to get on one.

    I love your pictures! And thanks for subscribing to my blog! I’ll be following yours, as well, on a reader!

    • Thank you for the kind words. I did get confused when when I wrote that entry and wrote about my experience on the cable car, not the F Line. I probably should go back and edit that post. We had a muni pass , so we rode all of the “muni” modes of transport. The cable cars were crazy cool to ride. I think I will edit this post and I have some great photos of the cable cars that I will put to this text. Thank you for the heads up.

  2. I am so glad you visited my blog because it brought me to yours and I absoluteloty love your photography style!!!

    It would be amazing if I could feature you in one of my etsy posts. Would you mind?

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